Almost there


I'm starting to get some satisfaction out of the paint job. The way cold true metals done in nmm fashion does contrast with the red lights which in turn set a visual reading order...

Now metals' mid tones are more noticeable (scale 75 instant color paints) and have to admit I'm already working in the base.

I noticed something tho: I'm not efficient at painting. I do advance and go back many times in what happens to be a trip. My painting trip goes like in automatic till I stop: and everytime I stop I end either at a sweet spot... or at a sour one. Then a crossroad  is presented upon me and depending on the way I choose to proceed I will ruin it further or improve.

There was something bugging me on my last stop. But somehow I'm quite satisfied now.

Why telling you such nonsense? It's because the base. Now the base is sketched (cracked dusty warm setting to contrast the fig) I feel again like something isn't quite right. 🤔 

Somehow I know later I'll turn the base cooler filtering blue ink... or maybe dusting orange pigments... and I'll be happy about the mini again.

People exposed to social media, being vids, tutorials, Instagram... only see the results, often only the good ones. But can't get how the painter feels during the trip. How's For me, may you ask? Trial and error, let the fig speak to me... 2 steps front 1 back and such.

Time consuming but hopefully above mediocrity. In the end I get joy out of it so good for me. Painting quality for the most part means time and effort rather than sheer talent. That goes to all the people thinking 'his milkshakes are better than mine' when it should be like 'that guy spent trice the time it took me to paint a fig just to do the face.


Empiezo a estar satisfecho con la mini. Como los tonos medios son más evidentes en el metal (los he potenciado con scale 75 instant color) y como el por lo general tono 'frío ' del metal contrasta con los nodos de energía (tinta rubí liquitex y naranja intenso de AK con un rojo de scale).

Las luces además crean un orden de lectura que guía el ojo de las extremidades al cinto, a los brazos y convergen de nuevo en la cara. Estas chorradas la final Dan ese pequeño 'plus' visual para que el ojo no se aburra.

Me he dado cuenta que mi estilo de pintura es un viaje poco eficiente en el cual paro en un punto que es satisfactorio o frustrante. En ese cruce de caminos puedo arreglarlo o seguir cagandola, pero esos momentos 'intermedios' voy un poco en automático. Un paso adelante, dos para atrás... 4 adelante. El balance siempre es positivo, pero no voy siempre en la misma dirección.

En el momento de tomar estas fotos estoy más satisfecho que en la parada anterior. Pero he empezado a bocetar la peana (tonos cálidos) y he vuelto al mnn nose no se 🤔

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  1. There's only one rule about this stuff. You must feel comfortable with any shit you are doing. If you fancy rushing and getting 200 minis finished in an evening, that's cool. If you rather enjoy going back and forth with a single model, that's so cool. You don't paint for us, you paint for yourself, so just enjoy and don't give a shit about anything else!

    1. You are dead wrong here: I paint for you since I sealed a pact with the devil. It gave me soul-sucking paints. The longer you stare at my minis the higher % of soul is sucked.

      In exchange I get to be this sexy even on Monday morning and free pizza every Friday.

      Totally worth it, you losers 🤭

      Thanks for the pizz... visiting my humble blog 😁

  2. Muy muy chulos los toques morados y verdosos del metal

    1. A toro pasao' quizás tendría que haber planeado la base antes de aplicar los tonos de reflejo...

      En la próxima entrada amplio este tema...

  3. Como me reconozco en ese cruce de caminos pinturil en el que avanzas para retroceder y lo que parecía que iba bien acaba siendo un churro y al revés...XD

    De momento muy buen trabajo con esa mini.

    1. Churros' Forever 🤣

      Es el drama entre bambalinas de este hobby...

  4. Impresionante trabajo. Muy chulo.