All hail the cybloke


These are the factors that gave birth this mini:

1-Needed something close to the spider cyborg to test colour scheme.
2-Had an unfinished sculpt (intended to be Bastion from Marvel's sentinel/X-Men fluff).
3-Because reasons.

Started with the gun, then kept adding augmentation cybernetics. The last bit was connecting the gun with the bionic eye, so basically the dude can see whatever the gun is pointing to.

Again, heavy influenced by old school void syntha and mutant chronicle's cybertronic.

The OG sculpt was made around 5 years ago or so, in studio sculpey (pea green), and 2019 stuff was done in super sculpey firm (grey) and finally milliput white and tamiya putty for the cable and eye details.

Eye itself was made out a tiny metal nut with a crystal ball inside.

Bueno, tenía que probar el esquema de color de la ciber araña en algo parecido, así que me hice uno, aprovechando una mini inacabada de hará unos 5 años.

La parte verde clara es lo que tenía que terminar siendo bastión, personaje de X-Men (centinelas) hecho en Studio sculpey y con 4 retoques de greenstuff.

Me puse con el arma, y luego con super sculpey firm (gris) la mano que le faltaba y cualquier otra cosa, a modo de implantes biónicos.

Para terminar, con milliput White y tamiya Putty el encaje del ciberojo (bisutería + bolita de cristal) con el cable.

Todo con ese regusto a cybertronic de crónicas mutantes y syntha de void.