The Day The World Went Away

Yet another conversion. Another fun painting project using just 3 colors: warpaint's necrotic flesh (everything, then non flesh parts highlighted with bone color), vallejo heavy grey (shoes) and vallejo's oil steel (metals).

Green+Blue "ink" (warpaints) over visor and flak vest (back), then an overall blue  warpaint ink on the same zones plus helmet and robes (arms).
Warpaints red ink here and there (flesh, nose pus sack) then strong tone "ink" (flesh parts+gun and watch).
Gloss varnished all the model, then dark tone ink also from warpaints, and finally vallejo's matt varnish allover.

Tricks you should know:

- Do not use lots of paints; use one or two then tint it to different shades with washes (called inks in the warpants range).
-Better than gloss varnish for the visor; use Vallejo's STILL WATER EFFECT. It will give it volume (forming a drop) and it's extra glossy.
-Tamiya Clear red. Let it seta little then apply to the model. Best blood effects ever. Period.

Want more info about the conversion work? ...check out next post! Till then, thanks for reading!


La lista de colores y proceso está mas arriba, en ingles. Sorprendentemente me leen mas desde "fuera" así que empezaré a economizar mis blogueos. Si alguien tiene dudas que pregunte y gustoso le contesto :)


-Usa un color o dos (claros) para pintar TODA la mini. Luego tiñe las zonas con tintas y lavados.

-Mejor que el barniz brillante (para cristales) probad el efecto agua de vallejo. Ejemplo, visor del casco.
-Tamiya Rojo Transparente, el mejor efecto de sangre. Punto.

Mas info sobre la conversión en la próxima entrada. Gracias por la visita!

Necromurga (Mutazoide Mayor)

Original mini (now OOP) from Sergi V.S. a rockin' role model and inspiration to me. I went nuts with this one. 1st painted flesh parts with airbrush (pre shading, base and lights) It was awesome and smooth but somehow Blanche's spirit possessed me and started messing up things with gallons of washes.

Literally there is no light, just shadows, as I washed darker and darker with some glazes in between.

Final dirty touch was gloss varnishing it and then giving him a strong tone (army painter) then wiping off excess with my finger. Again, Vallejo's matt varnish works wonders. Also used Still water effect (as I created a pool on the base) with tiny drops of transparent green, green model wash and pigments, from the same manufacturer.


Miniatura original (descatalogada) de Sergi V.S. todo un héroe (metaaaal!) para mi e inspiración. Se me fue un poco la pinza aquí. 1º hice un re sombreado, base y luces de la carne a aerógrafo. Vamos, suave como el culito de un bebé. Mini terminada. Luego me poseyó el espíritu de Blanche y empecé a guarrear con litros de lavados.

Literalmente no hay luz, son todo sombras a base de lavados y veladuras intermedias para cohesionar los colores.
Al final, barniz brillante, un lavado strong tone de army painter y quitarle el exceso con el dedo y ale. Mate Vallejo, efecto agua, pigmentos, verde transparente y model wash verde oscuro.