Necrotyrant | Painting considerations while sculpting

So the guy is almost done now. In the 90s I came to read a Tim Prow interview where he said he left blank plates and surfaces not by laziness but to allow painters add their own stuff.

That's somehow happening to me. That guy will most likely be pale green skinned, rotten flesh or so with leather pants/boots AND blueish metal (Paul Bonner / Horley style) for the gun, boot tip etc.

Then I picture myself painting lots of metal on the right side of the mini (boot, weapon) and none on the bone blade side. I think this MIGHT bother my future me so:

Should I add a metallic shoulderpad on his bone blade arm just for color composition harmony?

That may kill the savage IDC look.

I am also considering adding chain belt to his pants to break up textures.

In the same fashion may add rags or bandages on his pistol handing waist.

I would love to know your thoughts on that subject. 


Esto está casi ya. El caso es que tengo en mente a mi yo del futuro pintando y meh.

La carne será verde pálido y la pistola, puntera de bota... metálico azulado. Y la cuestión es que veo mucho metálico en la parte derecha de la miniatura y nada en la izquierda.

Se antoja poco armonioso.

No se si añadir una hombreras metálica al brazo del pincho para que a la hora de pintar haya una rotura de color ahí.

Me preocupa perder el look salvaje y de me la pela todo que tiene el necromuyayo. 

En la misma linea de pensamiento, podría añadir un cinturón de cadena o vendajes en el brazo donde irá la pistola, para añadir "chicha" que pintar y no sea todo la misma superficie.

Me interesa bastante tu opinión (si a esto, no a aquello)... no se si esta mierda me la planteo yo solo o cuando pintas se nota que el escultor piensa en esas cosas.



Noticed casting just 1 body and 1 weapon is nuts due to the tiny amount of resin needed for that so decided to quick try doing something else.

There's oficial rules for the necrotyrant both in ultimate warzone  and the collectible miniatures game but neither art nor proper models were released ever. 

Necrotyrants are supposed to be necromutant failures: they retain little to no memory of their former selves and feel no pain due half assed nerve connections so they show a huge disregard for their own (and mates') survivability.

I think I'll give him a blade arm, like in the movie, just trousers and 1 classic dark legion shoulderpad, plus the mandatory belzerach and that's it.

Molds have been a failure (1st try) almost destroying masters but gave a 2nd try using years old silicone leftover I had around and looks like it worked.

Vacuum pot will be on my way maybe next week. Lots of money investment for non comercial non profit stuff but castings with bubbles are a no-no. 


Me he dado cuenta que mezclar resina para piezas tan pequeñas es chungo, así que decidí hacer alguna figura más para poder manejar cantidades cómodamente.

Es un Necrotyrant a medias. Jamás hubo mini oficial; se supone que son necromutantes fallidos que no retienen memoria, tienen poca inteligencia y no conservan sensibilidad. Esta mezcla hace que sientan poco aprecio por su propia seguridad y la de sus compas (si no duele...)

Creo que lo haré estilo película,  con un brazo cuchilla.

Moldes hasta ahora mal, pero en un segundo intento con restos de otra silicona diferente (con años a sus espaldas, no debería haber funcionado) parece que bien.

Compraré una cámara de vacío,  pésima decisión puesto que no voy a sacar pasta de esto, así que no amortizar nada (podría ir modelando y pintando y no hacer copias de las figuras) pero bueno. La burra grande ande o no ande.

Belzerach | Necromutant

Since 90s I collected everything Mutant Chronicles but minis (maybe a couple for warhammer proxies) and never had a chance to play warzone but always had in mind to make my own minis and give it a try.

Recently I bought the deceased game Mutant  Chronicles the collectible minis game for 5 creds.

It came with 6 miniatures but I couldn't care less. The selling point for me was a simple grid game system with custom dice and maybe the best army building I've ever seen: You set a point budget (3 in skirmish games) so you can buy that many things on each category bronze, silver gold. Oh. And I came with all minis stats cards so I could make my own.

I started with most iconic stuff on that universe, that are necromutants (followed by razides and nephrarites I guess) and their trademark Belzerach gun. It's WIP RN I may cast weapon and body as they are and sculptur different arms and heads for each rank.

Lots of work (sculpting each from scratch would take me less time, effort and provide more fun) for something that won't go elsewhere but from manhole to living room but I'm doing because potatoes.

I bet Demimorgana will like this one.

Catch you later.


Siempre fui muy fan del universo Mutant Chronicles,  llegando a tener el juego de rol, warzone y sus suplementos, revistas... en los 90s me ponía palote pero solo jugaba a warhammer. 

Hace poco vi de saldo el juego de minis coleccionable por 5 rukkles y dije "a cagar, incluye los perfiles, me haré las minis".

El sistema de juego es ligerito. Esto que ves es el irónico rifle belzerach y el torso de un necromutante.

A ver cuanto tardo en perder interés...