the alternative

Policía rebelde para el juego de mesa batallitas. Hecho por encargo según especificaciones del cliente. Es un 50% mas pequelo en la vida real asi que los casquillos parece que vuelan. Trabajo de chinos. Milagro que el PC aguante para subir las fotos. Saludos.


A cop of the rebel kind, long haired and all that stuff... Made for the tabletop game Batallitas. Comission work. It's 50 % smaller in real life than it's in life so the bullets feel like flying out the gun, as customer wanted. A labor of love for thebullet shells part. A miracle my Pc didn't crah in the time I uploaded the pics. Cheers.


Trabajillo a comision. Un poli reverde. Una lastima deshacerse de ella, al final le dedique mas horas de las que habia contratado. Ya esta pintada, mañana mas y mejores fotos.


Comission work. Typical rebel cop stereotype, long hair, etc. A pity to give t away since in the end I worked much time on it thn the money I'll be paid for. It's already painted, need to crop, etc... so expect an update tomorrow.