Here is the house

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Here is the house
Where it all happens
Those tender moments
Under this roof

Welcome Mr. Barlow

¡Bienvenido Mr. Barlow! Seria el titulo que se le hubiera dado a la pelicula si en vez de a Jerusalem's Lot hubiera llegado a un pueblete de la españa profunda. O quiza no, y se hubiera seguido llamando "Fantasma II" :))

Si, con "F". El Sr. Barlow debe medir unos 3 o 4 cm de alto como mucho (quien tenga ganas que venga y lo mida). Mas de lo mismo; Super Sculpey, Nural 21, Nural 34 (rancia) y lanceta son los ingredientes de este "vampiro gotico" del telefilm de Tobe Hopper sospechosamente parecido al conde Orlok de Murnau.

.: laZyMinis:.

Poor Jerusalem's Lot townfolks... well they pretty desevered it ideed ;) Tobe Hopper's telefilm was wrongly titled Phantasma II not being a sequel of phantasma at all. I'd have titled it Welcome Mr.Barlow instead and try to sell it as a sequel of Welcome Mr.Marshall if you asked me. Aside from those pathetic typical spaniard turds (TST from now on) I think the 2 part movie is a classic and it's vamp looks really close to count Orlok from Murnau's film (wich I love).

Humoristic approach to the character more on the side of midget monsters/tiny terrors garage kits than the usual Toon Stuff I use to sculpt. Sadly it's a Halloween gift piece so I do not own it anymore. Scuper Sculpey, Nural 21 and Nural 34 where used. Enjoy.



RUN ../App_Check . exe

Application: Guard Program 1.1
Status: Active

Como desde vuestras casa no veis lo que pasa por mi cabeza cuando pienso en una mini aqui pongo una muestra. Todos mis "habitantes del sistema se veran asi". La fotografia no esta retocada infograficamente salvo el texto "lazyminis" añadido. Fotografia practicamente a oscuras con una nikon. No esta movida... la energia "color neon" del programa es tan viva que la camara la capta asi. Me es imposible tomar una fotografia mejor... es como pedir buenas fotos de ovnis, aunque esto que veis aqui os garantizo no solo que existe sino que esta en la estanteria. Es la misma mini.

.: laZyMinis :.

I was going for something totally new with my "guard program" and all the upcoming "system inhabitants" (everyone of them will glow like this one. Hope this helps to figure out what's on my mind. This is the same mini, and no, it's not photoshopped. Pic is perfectly taken, tripod used with a very good nikon cam, but at almost no light condition so it's fluorescent energy steam being so intense it looks in all the pics it shakes but it's the vivid light effect. This took me time. I have to admit I've never seen something lke it before so I'm pretty proud :) Pic quality CAN'T be any better... it's like UFO sightings but this one not only truly exists but stands on my shelf.