Diary of a mech man pt 6 (the more you ignore me, the closer I get)

I'm neglecting that dude lately as my situation is weird right now. Family, work...

Measured stuff, cut the pieces that would end being shoulder pads, glued, drilled, stuck old cheap ass robot toy arms, cut the pincers and pinned / glued in position I was happy with.

Close to completion, have to cast small bits like rivets, sculpt power tubes, plating and such. Detailing at this point can be either a chore as I really wanna finish or fun distressed activity. We'll see.

Estoy dejando esto un poco de lado: gandulería, la vida que nos está tocando, el calor...

Medir, cortar, pegar, taladrar, enchufar los brazos de un juguete chungo, cortar, reposicionar.

Le queda poquito, a ver si me rallo con los detalles (poner tornillos, cables...) por ansia pura, o me lo paso como un enano. Veremos.

Diary of a mech man pt 5 (the belly or the beast)

The most useless part of the project so far, yet the most fun. I made some background texture for the cockpit. It will be 99% covered by the pilot so... I guess that was a little scape canvas to rest my mind over. Also built a small device to hang somewhere so everything isn't just on a table.

Glam shot before I cram it all inside the mech and thus, fall lost forever outside human sight.

La parte más inútil del proyecto a día de hoy, y la más divertida. Textura de fondo para la cabina que será cubierta por el piloto en un 99%... Supongo que ha sido un pequeño lienzo donde desestresar la mente. Un aparatillo de regalo para colgar por ahí y que no esté todo sobre la mesa.

Ala, foto de glamour antes de embutir todo en el mech y que sea inhumanamente posible verlo.