Sorry AF

 Cheap update. I'm alive. FML really, it appears that most of my "public" (I never thought I had any other than Allison and a couple of Internet  nuts -u know who you are, stfu Demi!- ) comes from overseas and ((shock intensifies)) most do used Mac.

Useless data I guess. BTW kinda fell into nihilistic  mindset lately so hobby feels quite futile and it's not happening. 

2 years ago just seeing a dog scratching his butt into the ground would have made my day. Maybe I'm less stupid nowadays but mostly it's that I haven't seen any lately.

World is upside down! Have itchy butts disappeared? Please let them butts itch, for commedy's sake.

Less about butt and more about hobby maybe soon, maybe never. You better not stay tuned, I'd rather watch grass grow instead. 

Sorry for not being there if you made it into here I owe u a face (mine!) slap for the nonsense.