Pac Man



LaZyMinis cumple hoy un año en la red. Recordais el tiritanido ? Os presento a la Cria de tiritanido !

No es mas que una boca con col y patas recien salida del güebo pero a la que se almuerce a algun colono despistado crecera hasta ser un alien hecho y derecho.

La base es de 20mm como siempre, asi que como os podeis imaginar es un retaco. Forma parte de la raza alienigena que tengo bocetada desde tiempos remotos. Algun dia, mas minis...

.: laZyMinis :.

Well, laZyminis has been arround the web for a year, thanks everyone who supported me checking this site and comenting.

Do you remember my tird or second posted mini, the Tearanid (their nails tear armor like a katana would do to butter) ? Well this is how I envisioned a Baby Tearanid.

Tearanids were at first a joke on genestealers (oh, those space hulk old days) then I added bits of coralon and other alien races from games and movies (anyone else loved natural selection, the half life mod ?) to end up having an alien race on its own rights all over my sketchbook. Hope to be able to sculpt some more.

Don't let it bite your weakly armored butt.