Basic update

Custom 40 x 80 mm base for my spider cyborg. Greenstuff world texture roll was used.

Used oil filters so pavement won't look too uniform, so there's yellow, blue, brown and green there, yet so subtle noone would give a fuck.

Added pigment powders both dusted and splotchy.

Metal is gold scale 75 recipe with red inks, then some turquoise and jade. Can't stand the bottled verdigris / nihilak oxide premixed effects. Didn't work for me.

Now a question: shall I add a small spider drone to the base or it might detract from the cyborg itself. May it be too convoluted ?

Hope this doesn't look like BS, every bit of the update was done with my cellphone in the kitchen :/


Base 40x80 mm para mi cyberaña, rodillo greenstuff world, etc.

Hice unos filtros en oleo para que las baldosas fueran diferentes entre si, usando azul, verde, ocre y marrón pero es tan sutil que apenas se aprecia un carajo.

También usé pigmento en polvo y a pegotes.

El metal es la receta dorada del ser de scale 75, con una tinta roja y jade / turquesa para el óxido. Odio las patinas verdín premezcladas.

Pregunta: añado un mini dron araña en la base o le quitará foco de atención al ciborg? Demasiada atestada la base ? Que opinas ?

Foto, texto, todo desde el móvil en la cocina. Espero que no sea un update muy mierder.

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  1. WTF, Javi, that's pretty awesome! :O The subtleness is what makes it work!
    I'd totally go for a tiny drone, as long as it helps to 'add something' to the composition. I guess you won't know it until you see the whole picture.
    Es la caña, tío. La caña.

    1. Es posible, no me lo había planteado pero gracias. Tal vez 'cosicas' que no se aprecian individualmente hacen que en conjunto se perciba un salto cualitativo.

      2/2 vamos a por ese dron. Será una pijadilla, una bola con 4 patas. Supongo que iré al bazar más cercano a por pelotillas de plástico diminutas.

      Seguro que tienen.


  2. Respuestas
    1. Porcierto, tú bestezuela de nurgle... Tiene efectos sangre y mocos de esos de Gales Workshop? O son de otra marca? O no son...

      Me gustaría comprar brilli brilli de esos, por derrochar, ya sabes cómo somos los ricos... Pero no sé.

      Un colega compró los de Vallejo y pfff. No me ponen palote. Green stuff world parece que tienen sangre y sangre orca y pintan bien. Lo de sangre de khorne y mocos de nurgle parece a priori, lo más acertado aunque estoy por fabricarme yo mismo los mocos con gel y pintura.

    2. Nurgle's Rot: moco verde
      Blood for the God of blood: sangre
      Ardcoat: saliva transparente brillante.

      Todos de Gueims guorkchop.

      Todos obligados en la caja de pinturicas

    3. Ponen muy palote.

      Derrocha. Eres rico

    4. Voy a probar primero los de Green stuff y.

      Porque yooo soy español, español españoool!!

      Y luego me comprare los buenos. Los de guays Workshop. No estoy loco, no quiero que me cierren el chiringuito por decir marcas locas.

      La verdad, probé el efecto sangre de Vallejo y me pareció mierda pura. Quiero decir, para estar pagando un efecto "listo para usar directo del bote". Transparent red de ramita me gustó mas.

      Gracias por tu sincero consejo de magnate a magnate :_D

    5. El Blood for the God of Blood es sangre que mola a niveles infinitos. De hecho estoy convencido de que lo hacen con sangre de pobres, y anticoagulante

  3. Whoa! You put more work into weathering this base than I put into most figures XD

    But thanks for the insight into your process... I think that while individual techniques and colours you used might not be immediately obvious, the sum effect is "deep" and pleasing to the eye. The utility hatch is probably the best.

    Using a texture roll is interesting... I've never convinced myself to invest in something like that but the results are impressive!

    1. You are probably right, and that's because to me the process itself is a pleasure. I had a mini painted like one or two months ago and spent around 5 extra hours almost repainting it.

      It's not I disliked it but how I loved to glaze that red again and again to my heart's content till becoming the exact hue of red I wanted (at that time).

      Maybe this is the best part of blogging, to know about my fellow painters' journey till they achieve a paint job not just the bling of freshly painted stuff.

      Texture rolls are highly recommended for cohesive projects like armies. Still, I have to say they aren't as easy to use as it sounds:

      Depending on the pressure, speed and material you are rolling over, you can get kinda warped results.

      I rolled this base around 4 times and yet, the hatch ain't a perfect circle.

      It may be matter of materials used. Looks like epoxy pities are best, the harder (let them set for a while) the better. Polymer clays are way too flexible, hence the warping.

      Thanks for your comment buddy.

  4. > Maybe this is the best part of blogging, to know about my fellow painters' journey till they achieve a paint job not just the bling of freshly painted stuff.

    I have been guilty of neglecting "the process" lately. With the exception of oddball projects like my gelatinous cube I feel like I'm a pretty conventional painter and there's not much to say. I do sometimes put "WIP" posts on my Instagram, though, if I think they might be useful to somebody.

    1. I've had more fun at Gloryhammer gigs than say, slipknot, white snake... Which are 'bigger bands' to say the least.

      You don't have to be Roman or Wappel to inspire someone. As I've said previously, I started checking your blog cause I ended up liking everything you loaded into CMON so that stuff mattered to me far beyond poster boys going for high ratings to sell on eBay.

      So be it the last time I read you here saying stuff like "I'm pretty conventional" or leave! I still recall those seasonal posts when you sculpted stuff out of food. Well... Candy is food, ain't it? :)

  5. Those texture rollers is something I have to give a try:
    effect is just so cool!
    I've seen it used for making brick wall building for Bolt Action!

  6. Me encanta como has hecho la iluminación loseta a loseta!
    Muy buen trabajo. A ver como sigue. Y a ver esa locura de añadir un dron. A ver como lo integras!

    1. Tengo que ponerme con las fotos. Satán dame fuerzas!

  7. Great use of a texture roll! Never used one myself before but seeing your work here I feel like I should. But then again, your skills with the brushes are way better than mine.

    1. Thanks but IMHO there's no people's skill cap but time invested. I do spend crazy amounts of time lost in unworthy stuff like adjusting tones so that brown stands out next to that other one, etc. It doesn't pay off but buff the general look.

      Minis itself do cap people's skills tho: you can't paint pupils and glaze ears so it looks like light is going thru flesh on a 15mm fig. Not as convincingly as say, on a bust.

      Beware of the texture rolls: depending on the pattern it isn't easy to get it done perfect: mine in example features a sewer and it is a pain to get it look perfectly round.

      Depends on the material (epoxie putties given time to start setting better than polymer clays) speed and pressure when rolling.

      Autobots roll out!