All hail the cybloke


These are the factors that gave birth this mini:

1-Needed something close to the spider cyborg to test colour scheme.
2-Had an unfinished sculpt (intended to be Bastion from Marvel's sentinel/X-Men fluff).
3-Because reasons.

Started with the gun, then kept adding augmentation cybernetics. The last bit was connecting the gun with the bionic eye, so basically the dude can see whatever the gun is pointing to.

Again, heavy influenced by old school void syntha and mutant chronicle's cybertronic.

The OG sculpt was made around 5 years ago or so, in studio sculpey (pea green), and 2019 stuff was done in super sculpey firm (grey) and finally milliput white and tamiya putty for the cable and eye details.

Eye itself was made out a tiny metal nut with a crystal ball inside.

Bueno, tenía que probar el esquema de color de la ciber araña en algo parecido, así que me hice uno, aprovechando una mini inacabada de hará unos 5 años.

La parte verde clara es lo que tenía que terminar siendo bastión, personaje de X-Men (centinelas) hecho en Studio sculpey y con 4 retoques de greenstuff.

Me puse con el arma, y luego con super sculpey firm (gris) la mano que le faltaba y cualquier otra cosa, a modo de implantes biónicos.

Para terminar, con milliput White y tamiya Putty el encaje del ciberojo (bisutería + bolita de cristal) con el cable.

Todo con ese regusto a cybertronic de crónicas mutantes y syntha de void.

10 comentarios:

  1. Pues la prueba es un éxito. Muy chulo el esquema de color, me gusta el efecto del conjunto. Y los ciber-implantes muy ciber-elegantes.

    1. Yo... No sé qué decir. Lo quería muy frío. Pálido, con blancos...

      La energía debería ser azul en vez de verde, y el blanco también, tirando a gris azul no a color hueso...

      El caso es que la canica de la araña era verde, así que un cambio condujo a otro y...

      La araña está terminada, estoy liado con la peana, en cosa de una semana debería estar lista.

      Gracias por comentar!

  2. Ooh! This might be one of your best! (at least that I can think of now) I really like it. Maybe because of the subject matter, but overall it looks great - the skin tone, the green lighting, the incredibly subtle weathering on his armor. I like the sculpt of his cyber or glove a lot, with the blocky fingers.

    Proof that just because you use a "cartoonish" sculpting style, the results aren't going to look basic :)

    1. Also I see a ziptie used in his backpack which I approve of. I use them for techy bits all the time :D

    2. Haha, was hoping noone would notice, should eliminate your comment ASAP ;)

      Clothing's tag zipties are great for retro sci-fi handguns and so.

      I also tried ambient light (reds on the metallic lower parts and blue on the higher ones). Not as subtle as your RoboCop but still nice IMHO.

      I really think it works but still, it feels "dirty" in a grungy way. I ain't able to pull the cyber clean look, all cold whites (blueish and grey hue instead of the ivory spectre of white) which I aim for. It's just boring for me I guess. I'm a grit dude, rather taking pics of rust than actual monuments when I travel...

      TY for the comment, means a lot to me as you picked certain aspects I'm happy about.


  3. Looks really cool. As Allison pointed out, the cartoonish Narizones style doesn't mean you have to go for a basic painting. I think this is quite an outstanding job.

    1. Piececillo adelante, bajada de cabeza y ligero levantamiento lateral de falda.

      Muy amable por su parte, caballero!

      Como dice Deadpool: máximo esfuerzo, siempre!!

  4. What a bold use of purple, but nicely offset by the tone of green you used.
    Totally approve of the style and this is once again a marvelous creation finished with some sublime brushwork.

    1. Did you see that mom !? The world lines it! I've achieved something!!

      You are right, I wanted it to kick like a sleep twitch, yet look like human flesh so went the glancing route. The slightly magenta nipples and the green offsetting it, as you wisely pointed enhanced the overall look.

      Too sad this was a test piece. The skin on the spider won't be that bold but pale instead. Won't be so much contrast either. Greens and blues are blended into spider's flesh. Hope you will like it too.

      Might stick it to the base and take some pics this week. Glad you liked.

      Insightful comments like this boost the modelling willingness. It's over 9000 now, thanks :)

    2. You're more than welcome 😁, keep on doing what you do!