Capgrossos Apocalypse


My friend's cousin had to paint kids stuff. Where I live it's kind of traditional to use papier-mache made giants and big heads. There are parades where giants march even the narrow streets (you can see their heads from your balcony) while big headed dudes dance.

I'm not into that but since it was for kids I decided to spend my Saturday at it. I found the heads not sculpted in clay then molded and cast in papier-mache but made straight out of papier-mache! Let's say the result was... amateur-ish at best. It doesn't matter how good you can paint when the subject is an undefined blob.

Did I mention they used fiberglass over the papier-mache? LOL 😆  it was a pain in the ass to power tool it, putty up and sand many times. I feel like I still have fiberglass splinters on my hands!

We were also short on time and money so I got some Molotow spray cans, masked the eyes with kids plasticine (we had no white) and used a heavy body black acrylic tube I brought from home for the details. I managed to ad a bit of color to the eyes with finger paints laying around and oil paint brown stripes on the cat 's back.

The "art direction" is more a by-product of the sculpture than of what I'd have done if planned from scratch.

Enjoy (or ashame)! I share them just for the record.


El primo de un colega necesitaba canezones para los ñiñoh ahora que vienen fiestas. Aquí se hace esa movida de los gigantes y cabezudos...

Me pidieron ayuda para terminarlos y bueno. Un tanto amateur (el pintado es más fruto de como era la pieza que de mis ideas). Cuando vi que tenía fibra de vidrio por encima del papel mache, buff.

Bueno, les pasé la dremel para que los niños no se cortasen (creo que aún tengo las manos llenas de astillas de fibra) lija, enmasillamos (Sergio me ayudó bastante con la masilla y la lija) y tal.

Como teníamos solo el sábado y poquísima pasta, pillé unas latas Molotow,  enmascaré los ojos con plastelina de los niños (para aprovechar el blanco de la imprimación,  no teníamos color blanco 😆) y cuatro trazos con acrílico negro en tubo, de mi casa. Un poco de óleo en la cabeza del gato y a correr.

Regocijaos o avergonzados! Yo los comparto para que conste en acta 🥳

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  1. Hey these are pretty decent... I've never had much luck doing papier mache, myself. It turns out about this good on a good day. But your paint jobs help a lot :)

    As a kid, Iived in Germany for a few years as my father was in the military at Lahr. They have a big parade/carnival called fasching there, where a lot of people march in creepy masks and outfits. The amount of effort put in must be incredible.

    1. I hate working, but doing it for free sucks twice as hard... and still I wish I made these myself. The better the sculpture the easier to paint and prettier results.

      It doesn't matter how hard that dad wants it to be painted like Mickley or Jerry: eye distance, facial volume... so yeah these ictus faces could only take a 'modern' toon approach in the vein of gumball/Rick n Morty/Renault n Stimpy.

      OMG I wish I could tip comments: your Deutsche Abenteuer story sounds like pure gold 😁 a kid into the weirs European territory.

  2. Haha, well, the unpainted versions do look like apocalypse! No, seriously, those are awesome, I can't do anything similar for the sake of my life!

    1. Joer mucho, claro que no podrías... bajar tanto el nivel xD You could do 10 times better ...y lo sabes!👈😉

  3. Si uno lee lo que dices y no ve las fotos, parece que hayas hecho unas chustas y están chulísimos.

    1. LoL pero chusta over 9 thousand... os confirmáis con cualquier cosa 😁 me alegra mil saber que sigues de 1 pieza. Años convulsos, ya tu sabe papi.