Diary of a mech man PT.2 (mind the gap)

This project is proving (probing?) to be a real pain in the ass. Today I spent my hobby time filling gaps in the parts of my previous entry.

Then I decided body and legs/ feet needed to be distinct parts so worked some milliput putty in.

Next step was to build a pair of wheels /tracks for the back part of its feet, then power tool and file a fitting hole.

Finally embedded the track and added details. Sadly had time to finish just one leg :(

Stay tuned.

Este proyecto se está alargando más que un tacto rectal. Hoy me he dedicado a rellenar huecos del paso anterior.

Lo siguiente fue darme cuenta que las piernas/ pies del robot debían verse bien diferenciadas, así que toca meter masilla milliput.

Luego hacer unas orugas / ruedas para los talones. El agujero de rigor con la dremel, lima y el detallito de la tapeta.

Por desgracia es tan coñazo que me ha dado tiempo de terminar solo un pie.

Al loro, que viene más mandanga de camino.

7 comentarios:

  1. So... A mech with similar proportions to your figures... I suspected that's where this was headed :)

    It's not just you, I find this sort of building to be INCREDIBLY time consuming. Which is why I basically never do it.

    1. It's just a question of time
      It's running out for you
      It won't be long until you'll do

      I thing the song goes on like "until you'll do YOUR OWN SCRATCH BUILT CANADIAN MECH (Depeche mode's famous guttural lyrics😁) and it won't be in vain"

      In the vein of RIFTS RPG 😋

      Yup, quirky style mech. Hope it looks good in the end. Thanks!

    2. **CANADIAN MECH has entered the game**
      "Subdivisions" by Rush starts playing loudly

  2. Awesome work thus far!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the completed miniature!

    1. Hey, thanks! Have a nice comeback to your workplace buddy!👍

  3. So, ... The blue thing is part of the body and also the feet. I presume the pilot will be sitting behind that piece of translucent plastic? No, the feet would be pointing in the wrong direction. Damn you 😁, you keep me guessing.
    Love the details you're adding and can't wait until your next post.

    1. You are pretty much in the right track there.

      The translucent part is also a lens, so it magnifies the pilot inside, gives a spherical deformation and most important makes external light "light" the inside of the model with out using LEDs.

      Finished 2nd leg tracks. Now it's time for toes (feet bumpers) and cockpit bumper 🤖