On Fire ! ( gormiti )

Iphone-done photos... not bad I guess, it looks a tad better IRL. Despite that, I looked for a toon like effect, ben10 stile, with those "kirby (jack) dots" and such. Firey footprints mad with Vallejo plastic putty.

If you missed it, this is a gormiti rubber toy after a good prepping / painting session. It'd made a good fire/lava elemental, a giant for my usual scale. On 40mm Base.


Fotos de Iphone... supongo que no están tan mal, pero mucho mejor en persona. He intentado un efecto de dibus a lo ben10 con esos "puntos Kirby (jack)" y tal. Las huellas flamígeras las hice con masilla plástica Vallejo. Un elemental de fuego/lava genial y grandote para mi escala habitual.

Para los que no tienen ni idea de que va esto, es un muñeco de goma gormiti tras una buena preparación y mano de pintura. En base de 40mm.

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  1. You really nailed the Jack Kirby look. Great work! It takes me back to my "Fantastic Four" lunchbox in the 1970's... The feet and the fiery footprints aren't very convincing though. The footprints seem to exist in a vacuum, with no scorching or anything around them... just fire.

  2. By the way, why is this post dated 2/2?

    1. Ah,those old lunchboxes made of that mithical material known as "metal" I bet nowadays kids know what mithril is but have no clue about metal lunchboxes! Thanks for the compliment and the criticism about the footprints. I feel the same but dunno how to fix that, I guess I need some advice on that matter.

      :About you question, it's simple; I cheat on posts' dates, Shock to the system! It's the least I can do to fight the pit of lazyness that teh internets is. I'm from the old guard, looking at my fave pages on regular basis with no need of feeds, subscriptions, dates and such "modern" stuff. After all the important thing is to find fresh stuff... :) Cheers and thanks for posting!

    2. Add some black around the footprint edge, so it looks burnt or cooling. For example the top image http://gizmodo.com/lava/

      Maybe also add some small spikes, like if earth was pulled in strings, like molten cheese.

    3. The problem here is that the figure is supposed to be so hot that surface contacting him is set on fire; those are not lava footprints so neither can't have cooling black effect nor molten ground strings (despite I like the idea).

      Those are actually flames (that could be made into strings, but he better had a walking pose for that instead of that one so static).

      Aunque no me "peguen" con el concepto que tenía son muy buenas ideas, gracias sturm, además por la foto aunque hago forja y fundición asi que tengo una idea bastante clara de como es la materia fundida y al rojo :) Un saludete y gracias de nuevo por ir pasando por aqui y siendo un lector tan constructivo e informado!

    4. Oh! Fire, not lava leftovers or molten ground. I thought it was part of the guy, like a goo monster leaving goo footprints everywhere.

      Maybe it needs smoke then? And the flames should look like starting above the surface, not from inside the ground. Also, everywhere else is white, so it looks like ash. It should be sand and grass, then you have something to burn.

  3. Mola, el color es genial. Da ganas de hacer un keko flamigero.

  4. Un gran trabajo, si señor. Y una buena referencia para cuando tenga que pintar uno como este.

  5. Wow! Nice molten footprints! This guy turned out great, javi. The hot/cold lava effect is perfect.

    PS: Fair warning that if you don't date your posts correctly, they end up at the bottom of our blog feeds along with all the stuff we've already read. For those of us with shall we say limited surfing time, we rely on the feed being in accurate chronological order to keep up with everyone...

  6. Muy bonito y muy cachondo ese mitiquérrimo efecto Kirby, aunque echo de menos un poco de negro en la cara, me parece muy lisa en comparación con el cuerpo.

    No cuelgas más de esas cosillas que hacías, tipo máscaras y demás. Molaba.