An Awesome Fresh Post (not)

Mandatory JoJo meme, sorry.

Have stuff enough to launch at least 3 posts but need yet to find time to shot some photos. For the record, this past month rescued an injured wild quacker parrot (this green dude is a time sucking mofo) and got a commission request from a fellow reader so hadn't spare time enough to take those damn pics.

I hope to sort this out on weekend tho, so stay tuned. Just wanted to ensure anyone passing by I'm still alive and kicking. And while doing so, slip a Dio meme.

Second batch of Deep Madness kikstarter came in, and probably I'll enter a friendly gundam gunpla contest, coworkers and wifes death match, so expect a fair amount of gundam shenanigans around. YOU might be the jury.

BTW did anyone get stuff for this black Friday? I got some boardgames dirt cheap: Adrenalin, Gold West, way of the panda, new Angeles, meeple circus, ethnos, x-com and ra.

Stay tuned for ninjas, cyborgs and random shit. I'm out.

Tenía que meter la de JoJo.

Tengo material para unos 3 posts pero un compi de curro me trajo un loro salvaje herido y el carbón me está quitando todo mi tiempo. Eso y un encargo de un lector del blog.

Este mismo finde, quien sea va a sacar las fotos necesarias. Palabra.

Me ha llegado la segunda remesa de minis de Deep Madness kikstarter, y tengo entre manos un concurso de maquetillas gundam entre los del curro y las novias / esposas, así que con suerte o por desgracia veremos robots por aquí y puede que os use de jurado.

Alguien ha gastado panoja en el black Friday? Apuntadme unos juegos de mesa: Adrenalina, Gold West, way of the panda, new Angeles, meeple circus, ethnos, x-com y ra.

Permanezcan en sintonía para más ninjas, cyborses y mierdas.

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  1. Dio memes or no, your posts are always a rainbow in the dark.

  2. LMAO. RIP DIO, looks like Ozzy Will follow soon...

    I'm trying to include video footage in the next post but being so nitpicky us dragging everything down.

    I'm also in need of proper packaging for a commission and my wife being art director doesn't help either.

    I'm trapped in the 'devil is in the details whirlpool' I don't know how do you feel when hobbying, cause it doesn't permeate thru your posts, but sometimes it feels like work.

    I desperately need to just slam some putty together and paint like it was the 90s.

    1. Hmm, I should have responded to this before I got mired in the Christmas shit 😄

      Hobby stuff feels like work to everyone at some times, I'm pretty sure of that. To me, the stress comes with trying to block out time to concentrate without interruptions, so I can get in the groove. Stuff like my current he-man figures that need some smooth painting can take ages to get done not because the painting takes a long time, but because the prospect of trying to focus often just makes me wilt and I end up aimlessly Tweeting or looking at other people's paintjobs ☹️

    2. It's definitely been a while since I... opened up on my blog about the frustrating aspects of this hobby to me:

    3. I remember that one. Didn't comment on it cause I really hadn't anything insightful to add.

      People just show their best. I have so much stuff unseen but mostly because me failing at blogging.

      Lately I'm trying hard to recall stuff I didn't photograph so I can add them to the blog :/

  3. Respuestas
    1. Pipas? Pipas! Montones de pipas. He visto pipas ser comidas más allá de Orión, justo al lado de la puerta de Tannhauser no, la del comedor.

      Mi vida es un infierno con plumas.