Go with it, go with it. ( Happy Birthday Michael Jackson )

Jam! It ain't, it ain't too much stuff,

Had that Maikol figure sculpted long ago and painted short after but base wasn't completed till now.

What can I say, choosing skin colour was a challenge itself, no pun intended. I remember looking a fair amount of pics for that purpose. I also tried to use different whites on an all white figure, so there's "cold" and "warm" white there.

I can't add much about Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace.

I dedicate this entry to those outstanding people out there. The ones who dare and push the boundaries, be it music, dance, science, whatever.

There always be a select few that do stuff, and a ton of people making profit out of them.

Who's Bad?

Esta figura de Maikol la modelé hace ya la vida y la verdad es que la pinté poco después pero hasta ahora no terminé la base.

Poco que añadir, elegir el color de la piel fue un reto (no es coña) y usé varios blancos cálidos y fríos en la misma figura.

No puedo o tal vez no me apetece añadir mucho más sobre Michael Jackson. Descanse en Paz.

Le dedicó la entrada a esa gente excelsa. La que se atreve a innovar, crear y subir el listón sea en la música, el baile, la ciencia, lo que sea.

Siempre habrá una selecta minoría que haga cosas, y una tonelada que saque beneficio de ellos.

Who's Bad?

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  1. Whoa! Instantly recognizable. And an interesting departure from much of your subject matter. I love that you're clearing out your "hidden figures" to show us, thanks!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's quite shameful having such backlog as I made those myself so I don't have the bought so much remorse/lead pile problem. Or I would not.

      Right now on the shelf there are 2 lil red demons to write a scale75 color revise, an 80s grenadier future resin vehicle I recasts and bashed just to review colorshift paints, a nurglesque demon (supposed at valentine's post OMFG kinda late) and a giant spider robot ciberpunk necromunda Goliath like hybrid and something to be revealed.

      I'll try to double the blogging efforts and halve the hobby time so updated may come weekly from now on.


    2. > bought so much remorse/lead pile problem

      Related update: I swore that I wouldn't buy any more until I painted all my Bear's Head figures... despite that, I bought a whole set of "Masters of the Universe" figures *facepalm* They're so nice though, lol.

      Your list sounds pretty awesome, to be honest.

  2. Whoa, that looks incredible. You captured him really well with this model.