Este es el aspecto definitivo del bicho, listo para pintar. Os dejo que os maravilleis con el intrincado detalle (mayormente en el culo, justo la parte que queda debajo) y una preview de una peana. Mañana nuevo post: miñatura pintá.

.: laZyMinis:.

This is the way my bug ended looking, six limbed and with pincers ready to be painted. Now rejoyce on its intrincate sculpt (mostly at the bottom where you can't see if you don't flip the mini) and a preview 20mm base. Tomorrow I'll post ye ol' painted tiny fella.

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  1. Pardon me because I only speak English.

    I came upon your blog be mistake.

    I like your sculpture, and have a tip for you. Particularly on the base you can smooth out the edges with a soft paint brush and some rubbing alcohol. The alcohol must be over 90% though.

    Keep up the art!

  2. Güi, el retorno del cucarachin ^o^
    Ta towapo. Tiranido de enjambre de tiron :)