Pink Horror #2

Horrors are extra-dimensional beings, infamous for looking like an everwarping little creature of flesh. Obviously first human that found one was colour-blind. It's said (by the same color-blind witness) that those appear when you dispose of a bigger Blu Horror, wich splits into two smaller dudes.
Fluff aside, they were made for testing blue efects (wash, ink and transparente) and I was made for lovin' them! As I wanted a different approach on each, I went into the yellower spectre of blues. Blue Green + Park Green basecoat, blue wash and lights up to Pastel Blue and White. Also has hints of Royal Purple and Rose Brown on textured parts. All VMC Paints, matt varnish.

Los Horrores son seres extra-dimensionales, famosos por parecer criaturillas de carne transfigurándose a cada momento. Obviamente el primer tipo que se topó con uno era daltónicos. Se dice (el mismo cantamañanas) que al deshacerte de uno azul aparecen dos pequeñajos.
Tontunas aparte, estos son modelos de prueba para efectos azules (tintas, lavados, transparentes) y la verdad les he cogido cariño. He querido irme a la parte mas amarillenta del espectro azulada así que he usado Blue Green + Park Green de base, blue wash y luces con Pastel Blue y Blanco. Tiene un poquito de Royal Purple y Rose Brown en las partes con textura (malpensados).Todo VMC y barniz mate.

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  1. Juraría que era que de uno rosa salen dos azules. El cantamañanas tiene serios problemas.

    1. Si, está totalmente al reves. A posta. Como pedir refuerzos a los boinas verdes y ver que llegan unos con amarillas ;)

    2. Wow... I really like this one. Something about the form of his freaky sucker hands is so perfect. And the paint job is great, love the vacant yellow eyes.

      Now that's Change you can believe in!

    3. Thanks for your kind words. I understand my sculpts lack capital features (on purpose) like legs, or for that matter face, as it's just nose and eyes there.

      This alone makes dificult to express and read emotions yet I try hard to get the most out of this style refusing to adhere to typical heroic scale and such.

      I'm glad you made the effort to notice, as horrors fluff-wise tened to represent different moods. Pink ones are disturbingly happy while blue ones embody a spectrum from sorrow to sadness and inbetween.

      Allways against the miniaturized army mindset I went into different blues for those. This particular one leans into the yellow side of blue (blue green with added blue).

      Have another one already painted. Was about to save it for later as it wouldn't affect drastically into reader's participation (as If I mind this being so silente blog) but constant support like this surely will push me taking pics tomorrow so I'll be updating soon.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Hey there, my most appreciative and demanding reader. Since you asked so nicely... here's an unofficial update on my GOTA Clan riflemen and their robot, just for you. They're almost done, as you can see, but a few details are unfinished:

  3. Me voy poniendo al día de blogs tras las fallas.... ;-)

    Me ha encantado el resultado del 'juego de azules'.... :-)