Green day

Mi bicho nuclear es un poco dificil de fotografiar... es viscoso y... brilla! aqui teneis fotos (click fotos para detalle) bajo diferentes condiciones de luz (luz diurna, interior, sin la viscosidad, casi a oscuras, con eferencia de tamaño, etc...) demasiadas fotos entre las que elegir, y muchas horas de bajar el tamaño. Buscaba un efecto no homogeneo. Ale.


My nuclear bugger was tricky to photograph correctly so you can see examples of him under different light conditions (outdoor, indoor, in the dark) and in two states, before, and after the gel treatment. Click on pics for details. Forgot to mention that I wanted non homogeneal results. Cheers.



...It came from The Last Hour of The Last Day
(of the month... of DOOM!!)





laZyMinis se enorguyece en presentarles (tachang!) al Elemental de residuos nucleares, tambien conocido como el infame Pollo Radiactivo.

La idea nacio en mi puesto de trabajo el cual ultimamente no abandono ni para dormir. Es un poco injusto que hay elementales en la fantasia pero no en la ciencia ficcion, asi que aqui tenemos al primeo de una serie por venir.

Barriles oxidados y agrietados que han ido rezumando moquete toxico hasa que el mejunje se hizo un blob de esos que moran las masmorras y se papean la basurilla (y a los aventureros despitados). Posiblemente la radiacion de este bicharraco ( el bastardo esta sobre una base de 60mm, esto es, 3x3 peanas cuadradas normales no la tipica peana de monstro de 40x40) mostrenco por naturaleza, pueda animar cadaveres (sin quererlo) haciendo zombis radiactivos. Etc...

Notese el moquete en si y per se que es el bicho. Ese aspecto gelatinoso me ha costado dias hasta las tantas e incluso momentos antes de salir al curro. Buf! ah... brilla!

.: laZyMinis:.

laZyMinis proudly presents (tadah!) the Nuclear Waste Elemental, a.k.a. the infamous nuke chiken.

lately I spend my whole life @ work (even saturdays) so the idea came when I took a pencil and started drawing stuff. It's kinda unfair elementals are exclusive to fantasy so here they come my sci-fi elementals.

Just think a bunch of rusted and cracked toxic waste drums that dripped enough stuff to form a rising blob under them. The concept is close to the blobs that roam dungeons eating (dissolving) rubbish and eventually unaware adventurers.

This guy really oozes (it took me so damn long time to make him this way) and also glows. Forgot to mention that this bastard is huge, its base is a custom 60mm instead of the usual 40mm square monster base. That's it, 3 x 3 small square bases. That guy's rad sure arises the dead or something. It took me so much time I dont even care about the buff =)

More pics coming next week. Cya!

True Colors (repeat)

Pulsad sobre las diferentes fases de color rojo para ver mas imagenes de Marte. Bueno, no es marte, es (mas o menos) el paso a paso de una mini.

Llegados al rojo 2 el tono era PERFECTO con un degradado mas suave que el culo de un bebe y sin enrosecer ni anaranjar.

Pero Hellboy en los comics tiene un color mas apagado asi que hubo una enesima tanda de tintas. La proxima entrada sera un sorpreson de peso.


So, click on the extreme close-ups of Mars to see more... Well in fact it's a step by step on reds. The second red was the best red I've ever did and I'll ever do.

Flawless bending as smooth as babies' ass and there where no traces of losing base color ( it turning too orange or pink when highlighting ) It was done with red and yellow inks. In the end I hated to do so but kicked back a bit the reds by using a couple of red glazes, just to get the same color the comic has.

Still the pics sux and doesn't show well the reality. Hope you like 'em. Soon I'll post the meaner mini made to date, stay tuned.

Anung Un Rama

La mano derecha del destino, la mano de piedra de hellboy el demonio de piedra pomez rojiza! Si, con su colita, sus cuernos, etc...


The right hand of Doom, the stone hand of hellboy,the red pumice skinned demon! He's got his tail, his horns...



Mi version de Hellboy de por si era suficientemente mona pero, y el chiste ? Bueno, siendo un demonio que reniega de ello, y teniendo esas portadas sobre una roca y marañas de tentaculos acabo por ocurrirseme que lo del ex-compañero haciendole burla, en este caso "cuernos".

Las fotos de pena, lo cual solucionare en futuros posts.


My version of Hellboy was IMHO cute enough but it had to be a joke on the piece so it came to my mind the covers where he's on a rock surrounded by tentacles.

Naturally him disowning his demonic family sure make Hellboy a target of mocking from other demons, like this who made horns on his head when he was sayin "CHEESEEE!" Colors look terrible on those pics, I'l fix that on later posts.


Farewell, Tim. (Adios)

Finito. Acrylicos Vallejo y 4 o 5 citadel color antiiiiguos. Tintas sigo usando las antiguas de citadel.

Le tengo bastante cariño a TIM el Templario, pero es un regalo, asi que... en fin. El metalico de la armadura iene matices en azul para darle un toque mas frio al acero y de paso medio simula el reflejo de la piel azul del dragon.

Desde la base a lo mas alto, 4,5 cm. el dragon unos 2 cm de pies a cabeza y Tim mide algo menos de 1 cm.



Not much to comment here. I hate to kiss him goodbye but Tim the Templar was born as a gift. I've used few old citadel color stuff, like blue ink wash and the rest were Vallejo model and game color.

I gave the armor a thinned blue wash so it look like reflecting the blue from the skin of the dragon plus the steel looks colder. Tim is less than 1 cm. high, the trago measures roughly 2 cm and the whole thing from the base to the top of the dragon is like 4,5cm.

More stuff coming hopefuly soon, cheers!





Listo, con un poco de milliput, no solo he reparado mi mini diorama sino que lo he mejorado. Ahora el caballero TIM es v.0.5.1.

Espero que como a mi, os parezca mejor y de paso teneis un WIP apra que veais por donde iran los tiros. Mas novedades, muy muy pronto.

.: laZyMinis :.

A little of milliput did the trick. Not just the dragon is repaired but TIM the templar has been upgraded to v.0.5.1 ! Love this diorama and hope you like the repairs/changes. Also the WIP pic helps you imagine how it's coming out. Cheers.





Una serie de catastroficas desdichas; decapito al dragon, la nariz se le pulveriza... y le arranco de cuajo la cabeza a mi ultima creacion; el Mandroide.

Esculpido con sculpey y...montado pieza a pieza! Si, esculpi las piezas por separado y luego construi el robot. Solo me ha faltado ponerle un cerebro. Me dio infinitos problemas pero a su vez ha sido divertido y satisfactorio resultado.

.: laZyMinis :.

Aw, crap! I severed my dragon's head (and it was a gift FOR my girlfriend). Its nose also got somewhat desintegrated. I also accidentally chopped my las creation's head; the Mandroid.

Fortunatedly he has no feelings nor remore at all. This mchanical maniac was all made out of sculpey wich as alwas was a pain to work with (I still recommend it for some jobs) I worry not, Greenstuff and milliput are on the way. I literally constructed him; sculpted eahc piece separatedly and then played to be Dr. Fronkonstin. This guy was funny to work at some moments and I love the final results.