Paint revitalizer product mini review (green stuff world)

First of all, this isn't by any means a sponsored nor professional review. I just happen to have 20 year old paint bottles and wanted to give this product a try/share my thoughts about it.

Got mine from here.

Have  you been in this hobby enough to recognise that paint bottle? If not, that's enchanted blue from citadel paints.

Surprisingly it was not rock hard like the most of the ones I own from that age. God bless, as this only works on semi dry paint.

Veredict: it worked.

Paint had a thicker than ice cream consistency and now look at the stick I used to stir the paint, a drop is flowing down!

Then I kept adding Paint revitalizer to see how much it would take before breaking the paint and this is the difference between adding just water (paint will dry faster as water evaporates) or thinner: this product keeps the consistency of the paint as it was before drying out, so it's kinda safe adding a fair amount.

I had less than 1/3 of goopy and rubbery unusable paint and now I have half a paint-ready bottle.

Recommended if you want to keep those stupidly bottled (seriously, still using lids?) paints.

Oh, I added few drops of distilled water to bulk it out. I may update again in a couple of days, see ya!


Esto no es una reseña profesional ni esponsorizada; tenia aún botes de pintura añejos y decidí probar/compartir resultados.

Lo pillé aquí.

Si reconocéis este bote exagonal es que lleváis un tiempo en el hobby. Es azul encantado de citadel. Me sorprendí al encontrar que no estaba como una piedra, lo normal en las pinturas de esa época.

Veredicto: Funciona.

La pintura tenía la consistencia de una bola de helado, algo gomosa y ahora mirad la foto; del palo de remover cuelga una gotilla!

La pintura admite bastante revitalizador sin romperse, y está es la principal diferencia entre añadir solo agua (se seca) o diluyente, que afectaría a la consistencia: el revitalizador deja la pintura en su viscosidad y opacidad original.

De menos de1/3 de bote con moco inservible que tenía, ahora tengo medio bote gracias a un par de chorros de revitalizador y unas gotas de  agua destilada (para hacer bulto).

Recomendado si tienes pintura estúpidamente embotellada. Puede que actualice en un par de días, nos vemos!

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  1. Whoa, what. Paint revitalizer? I have Citadel colours from the late 80's that I'm valiantly trying to preserve... One by one they are falling...

    Also, those Citadel hex pots were the f'ing worst! Surpassed only by the screw top hex pots. They were where paint went to die :(

    Anyway, link:

    1. Spot on pal, none of the "next gen" screw top hex bottles I had managed to survive, yet few of those old lid ones did...

      Coat d'arms made a wonderful range of paints for Citadel back at the day but the brand has consistently showed us its middle finger when it comes to take customer's needs into account.

      Good luck with your paint "plastic caskets" and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Bueno es conocer estas cosillas.