Blue Moon Legends - Green Dragon.

Pro tip keep notes about your paint recipes. If you paint armies it's a must indeed.

Guess work here but I'll dare it was basecoated fluorescent, either yellow or green, then glazed with airbrush and brush with green inks and paints.

It's so striking to play a card game with 3 dragon tokens like those painted resting in the middle of the table :)


Cuqui-consejo: para estar siempre guapis, hay que apuntar las recetas de pintura. Si pintas ejércitos ni te cuento.

Me imagino que la capa base fue con fluorescente amarillo o verde y luego unas veladuras a aerógrafo y pincel de verdes.

Mola echarse una partidilla de cartas con tres token dragón pintados en medio de la mesa :)

4 comentarios:

  1. Wow, that green is unreal! I love the gradient you set up across the back/wings! Basecoating in yellow and then overlaying green washes or glazes can be super effective.

  2. The red dragon was done in the same way, painting it orange and glazing him into red, leaving the "orangey" basecoat as its top highlight.

    IMHO if you want a color to be the brightest it can get, this is the way to go.

    Hope to take some pics this week and write a review about scale 75 paints.

    Till then, thanks for tuning in :)

  3. Gran trabajo con los dragones. Con tokens así les encontraba uso hasta para echar un tute.

    1. Muchas gracias!

      Hay que aprovecharlo todo... Verás tu que por tu culpa de compraré el gaslands, villano, malfactor! ;)