Blue Moon Legends - Blue Dragon

Over produced token indeed, so it's pretty awesome for a token yet not that crisp detail-wise if you compare to an actual miniature.

Painted so long ago I can't recall the recipe but I'd bet that it was primmed w/ army painter ultramarine  rattle can, then airbrushed with P3 arcane blue, most likely spiced w/ army painter blue wash.

- - - -

Token sobreproducido, una vez más, flipante para un token pero que flojea en ciertos puntos en comparación con una miniatura.

No recuerdo cómo fue la cosa, pero tiene pinta de estar imprimas con army painter ultramarine en spray, Luz a aerógrafo con P3 Arcane blue y el típico lavado también de Army Painter.

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  1. Pretty cool! I like the sitting/crouching pose and the rock pillars underneath. It is pretty good for a game piece! But they're getting better all the time... the gap is definitely narrowing between "board game marker" and "gaming miniature".

    Thanks for sharing your (possible) paint mix... but TBH the colour I really like here is the green on the base! It's a little bit "herby" but still nice and saturated and the shading makes it look amazing. I want it on everything XD

    1. Yay thanks.

      I guess the sculpted texture on the base sells the trick.

      I'm lately using 2 off white colors from Vallejo model color range: deck tan and ice yellow. Those are must haves to me, one leaning to grey and the other being a richer Ivory substitute (yellowish).

      I drybrush almost everything with them.

      If I had to tell, rocks have the deck tan on them so do grass have a bit of ice yellow.

      Somehow it's a kind of magic: VMC hues that help other colors' enrichment deck tan, ice yellow, German orange for flesh, British uniform...

    2. Interesting... Thanks. I'll have to check those out. Some colours work in ways we really didn't expect them to.

    3. (Old GW "Snakebite Leather" is a good example. Just brown? No. ****ing amazing! The best paint EVAR. And rcently resurrected as a Contrast Paint, I see...)

  2. Wow. It's been long since I heard someone talk about Snakebite Leather. Had to admit it was lovely as it served so many purposes.

    I'd say VMC English Uniform falls in that category. Looks close to Snakebite indeed but has a bit of green in it which gives it richness.

    Used it to shade flesh and off whites...