White wedding

Army Painter's rotten flesh warpaint, Vallejo's heavy yellow for the eyes, plus heavy grey (hair). Then Army painter's washes (strong, soft and dark tone) Vallejo's matt varish and then tamiya clear red on top for random blood-gore. In a nutshell; army painter. As sinple as it can get. Tons of fun, next entry, details on the sculpt, + wips.
Básicamente solo tiene un color, el piel muertecilla de army painter warpaints. Un poquito de amarillo denso para los ojos y gris denso para la perlana. A partir de ahí, lavados de army painter (washes) en tono suave, fuerte y oscuro a pincel. Mate vallejo y tamiya rojo trans para la sangre. Rápido y divertido. En la siguiente entrada, el wip y detalles sobre técnica y materiales del modelado.

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  1. Hey little sister, what have you done?...

    Nice conversion; it totally changes the look of the figure. Instant Mold strikes again! Man I love that stuff. I've never used it on an already-painted part before, that's pretty interesting.

    1. Lol billy Idol even had an album called CYBERPUNK :)

      Afaik it doesn't ruin the paintjob but I'd suggest trying instamold over a painted test model 1st.

      Still, the mini I used it over wasn't even varnished and instamold did not alter the colors nor paint job.

      Thanks for your coment!

  2. Chulisísma.....
    Aplausos variados...