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Last day I went to my friend's workshop to give him a hand with painting as he wanted a touch of color on his sculptures. Matter of fact our relationship started years ago with him being my teacher (mould making and sculping stone) then pals and now I somehow became the teacher. Both heads were painted the same day, having a break for dinner. Must give him credit for the sculpts and the pics. Sadly these are WIP shots as body will remain just ivory but I went further glazing and using pigments on heads..
El otro día fui al taller de un colega para echarle una mano con la pintura de sus piezas. curiosamente nuestra relación empezó siendo el mi profesor de moldes y escultura en piedra, luego colegas y ahora de algún modo le he podido enseñar algo a el. Las pinté en un mismo día con pausa para comer. El merito de la escultura y fotografía es suyo. Fotos de proceso, terminé con algún detalle extra pero el cuerpo se queda en marfil.

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  1. These are really cool. They look almost like movie props/costumes or something. Can you tell us a bit more about them, artistically?

    1. those wasn't my sculpts but, they were made in plasticine (the pro one that comes in different hardness and ready to use along with silicone), then cast then sanded and filed thn molded again... the last cast was done in melted plasticine, the after some touch ups molded again and cast in poliurethane resin.

      About painting... well, vallejo model color + liquid mask and few pigments on top.

      Those are selling at $600 and I'll be getting no dime. Ah the joys of becoming the teacher...

  2. Respuestas
    1. ...creo que existe una silla orto-pédica que arregla eso :D gracias por pasarte compadre!

    2. Haha, I've learned a new foreign expression today. Is "You've really twisted my ass" a reasonable translation?

  3. LOL forgot to answer that. It's really between slang and hillbilly here.

    In normal condition a proper buttcrack is like ( | ) but when something comes out of the blue surprising you off guard you twist on the side so your butt is like ( / )

    That's the graphic and rather unpleasant description and origin of " you left me with my ass twisted ". We got lots of weird stuff like that; " you're less prone to work than Tarzan's Taylor" or "you are sleepier than Dracula's chauffeur" old time classics here.

    Lucky enough this comes so late no one will read me saying that shameful and cheap stuff :))