Javi New Year (2014)

Bueno. Mis disculpas a los que siguen rondando este lugar o los que llegaron por accidente y no vieron novedades...en meses. He hecho algunas (pocas) cosas pero con la mudanza, cambio de equipo, etc... A continuación, una de las primeras minis que presenté en el blog (2006) por fin, a color. Espero que os guste y, feliz año nuevo!
'k. A sincere apology to those who still keep visiting my blog and the one who accidentally stumbled with it too. No updates in months but by no means I stopped sculpting-painting. I just got fewer time to do so. This is a guy I showed back in 2006 when I started my blog. Now it's painted. Hop you kinda like it. I have a batch of new pics to come so stay tunned, and by the way, Happy New Year (toast).

7 comentarios:

  1. Ya tenía ganas yo de ver este narizón coloreado.... y de ver cosas nuevas....
    Gran trabajo.
    Por los colores me recuerda a la 'época roja' del caos en WHFB, cuando Mike McVey se encargaba de pintarrajearlos. Buena época aquella, más tiempo pero sin casi dinero....

    1. La has pillado al vuelo ;) Época Roja, McVey... que tiempos. La miniatura, asimismo está ambientada en la edad oscura del hobby, llámalo armaduras de crhonopia, y esas figuras tan tocha de Tim Prow, etc.

  2. Happy new year to you as well! I look forward to seeing anything new you have to post. I was wondering what happened to you.

  3. Your comment is kindly appreciated, as always, thanks! Real life indeed. New house, working on my own devices too (that means income on irregular basis) etc. I have to admit, I was shocked by your last post, hope you are doing well (If I can recall correctly you'll gonna start your engines on jan the 10th)

    BTW the mini was heavily inspired by old times, like citadel's. Armor was sculpted after old timers too, like Tim Prow's chunky sculpts, Crhonopia, etc.


  4. ostras, muy chulo, especialmente por el aire de gangrol que tiene ^o^

  5. touché ;) gracias por comentar Panda-sama

  6. Yay! You're back, and in your inimitable style of course. I like this guy, he's a classic javi sculpt but with a hot modern paint job. The red armour is great. And of course I love how he's holding a dice... Cheeky!

    New house huh? Your very own or just a big move? Either way I hope its working well for you. I'm shoveling MY house out of a snow bank today...