Hard Rock

Well that given one isn't so hard but still it's stone. WIP of the Monkey who born out of a rock (chinese book journey to west). I've had problems with dropbox so that's why Im posting just two pics concerning "off topic" stuff. Still hope you like it. There will be news regarding other topics arround the next week. Cheers!


Bueno, no tan duro el "rock" ero aun así,es un piedrote. WIP del mono nacido de la roca, según el cuento chino (que mal suena) Viaje al Oeste. He tenido problemas con drop box por eso actualizo con esto, pero si la cosa marcha el resto de fotos de otras cosas verán la luz... ¿ la semana que viene ? Seguramente. Saludos!

4 comentarios:

  1. This isn't "off topic"... as long as the topic is "your impressive talent". Seriously, even if you're not Michelangelo yet, this is a very good piece. I like the flow lines, like the face is "streaming" out of the stone.

    What type of stone is this? A light coloured soapstone? You mention it's not very hard.

    1. Alabaster, a translucent (if polished to death, must say) soft stone when compared to, let's say marble.

      Thanks for the compliment; as I had to work with stone, the monkey king came to mind as it literally came out of a stone. Can't see myself sculpting stone anyomore after this piece. Exhausting stuff, seriously :)

    2. Ah, alabaster. Good enough for the Pharaohs, good enough for your Monkey King. I would have thought it was super expensive to work with though.

  2. Really nice. How big is it? Sculpting stone.... wow. Way beyond my realm of knowledge.