Face to face

So, wich color should I choose for Sentinel's face ? Classic pale pink ? Yellow / gold ? ...just chrome ? Gold is in the works but chrome (grey-silver, see photo) could be pretty neat too.

- - -

Entonces, de que color tienen la cara los centinelas ? el clásico rosa pálido ? Amarillo / dorado ? cromo, rollete moderno ? De momento estoy trasteando con el oro (de que cagó el m...) Cromado (foto) sería una opción interesante tambien

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  1. I like the idea of the chrome. For something that seems so damaged, chrome might look too fresh unless you weather it quite a bit.

    This is going very well!

    1. I'm trying your gold method at the moment... BTW Thanks for the advice ! I'm not sure how a damaged chrome object would look like. I meant, imagine wolverine slashing chrome... that would made strips of it but not necessarily dirty.

    2. If someone figures the big difference in VMA metallics, please tell me. Assuming there is one. I'm moving to them and so far, all the "white" metals look pretty much the same. When you let them rest, you can see they are different. Chrome one has a pale blue medium; while silver and aluminum have different shade of white. Once mixed and painted, differences are hard to find.

      But one thing is great, they are all ultra smooth, very fine pigment. The VMC I got will be used for gritty texture works. Also, I got a VMA gold from one shop that was near silver, just a bit yellow (bought another in different shop and that one was right), so I mixed some drops of this "albino gold" with yellow ink and it gives a nice metallic paint look. Some day I will go mixing all inks to check how they look.

      BTW, you can get inks from P3 or Coat ranges, pretty much like original (80s, 90s) GW ones. Coat seems to be avaliable in more and more UK shops latelly.

      The other option is using Alclad lacquers. Or aluminium pigment (metal dust). But all them require masks and other special tools, so never used them.

    3. BTW, I reread Javi's comments in Mike's blog, and then something started to make sense. I had found some kind of weathering liquids (Modelmates), and I have been testing different dusts to make other things (see below)... and now I think I just found how to make my own weathering dusts that "stick": mix the pigments as if making watercolor (gum arabic, glycerin, maybe also ethanol and acetone as mentioned in the Modelmates' safety info, probably to "bite" the undercoat), or Coat's inks or liquid watercolor from some art shop. Sealing this must be easier than sealing raw dust that falls with just some shaking.

      The mentioned experiments: some paints, when extra pigments of same or differente color added to them, or other kind of additives, create interesting effects, like a more matte surface or textures like dirty oil. The best is that a tub of pigment or resin filler or many other "dusts" is cheaper than many "model pigments" and you really know what pigment are getting.

    4. Vaya, todo un erudito. Cuanta razón tienes... no soy un fanático de descantillar mis piezas (soy mas de la vieja escuela, colores brillantes!) pero he probado con anerioridad todo lo que comentas y si, si y si.

      Da gusto tener algien cerca que no pone caras raras al leer pigmento o poliester :D un saludo!

    5. Err... not only dirting parts, it can be used to "paint" the mortar in a brick wall, and do it fast. Or fill in with black the joints in an airplane or car or cement ground, so it looks more like in real life, instead of one single surface with engraved lines.

      Speaking of poliester... still waiting for info about transparent casts... I mean, which epoxy were you talking about months ago? I found some kind of glue for glass, but one of the two parts looked yellowish, not fully water clear. Also found an expensive epoxy to cover jewelry, but not in the position to throw away so many bank notes just for a test if useless to make miniatures. Pigments are always in "coin range".

  2. Yo no lo se, pero me está gustando como va quedando (de gerundio en gerundio y tirando por qué es... )

  3. Yo como cobardica que soy lo dejaría en color piel o pintura metálica... a vosotros os dejo los NMM y demas cosas...
    Eso si... buena pinta tiene...

  4. Wow... sorry I haven't commented on this neat project. Fuschia was always an odd colour for killer robots, but you really nailed it here. Bang on for anyone who's read the comics.

    Did you go with gold for the face? The flesh/putty colour from the comics isn't my favourite though it is creepy.