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Hey, I recently got a small Milhouse toy from inside a chocolate egg. What can I say, I love cocoa related stuff. I somehow disliked the toy but loved the way the head was sculpted and, missing a lot the times when I wargamed the hell out of my minis I decided to start a small terrain piece (furniture) wich incidentally was one of th parts I liked most from wargaming.

I severed the head, mixed some milliput and kneadatite, sanded and filed a lot while watching the tv, added vallejo lava rock texture (thinned down) primed and painted. All red, brown, sepia and black washes over the metal (not shown in pics) feel now like a waste of time cause don't shouw up under the rust, but was fun anyway. A donut and a couple of green+blue glaces later it looked like that.

A notorious scientist or a fascist dictator ? I couldn't help to add the moustache :) Overall this roughly 30mm tall statue fits well my cartoon-like miniatures.

Have a happy weekend ya'll... I hope to have a great time at IAMX gig despite my faringitis (can't talk but can write as you see)

See ya.
Hace poco me salió un juguetillo de Milhouse un hu güebo de chocolate. Me encanta el cacao, que le vamos a hacer. No me gustó el muñeco pero si como esculpieron la cabeza. como añoro los viejos tiempos de rol y wargames (sobretodo por montar escenografía) decidí hacer algo al respecto.

Decapité el monicaco, y contruí el resto con una mezcla de kneadatite y milliput. Lijé hasta la saciedad mientras veía la tv, le di una pasadita de textura lava vallejo (diluída) imprimé y a pintar. es una lástima que los lavados rojos, marrones sepia y negros (no mostrados en las fotos) se perdieran bajo el lavado final. Un donut y un par de lavados ovido mezcla de verde y azul después y aquí lo tenéis.

Célebre científico o dictador fascista ? sea quien fuere el homenajeado por esta estátua de aprox. 30 mm de alto no pude resistir el ponerle bigote :) En términos generales créo que encaja bien con el resto de mis minis.

Pasad un buen fin de semana... Espero que pese a la faringitis pueda disfrutar de IAMX. Bueno, no podré hablar pero en escribir no me quedo corto!

Nos vemos.

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  1. It is my honest wish that on some world, eons from now, Milhouse is honored in this fashion.

    The weathering is very well done. How did you choose the "wear" points where shiny metal would be showing more?

  2. Oh, the joy of randomness my friend!

    The glaze, being liquid, tends to pool in the same fashion real rust would do. Despithe that, before it was dry I sponged off some around the edges.

    Being a hit-miss process (I was happier before sponge-wiping some paint off) I glazed a lighter shade all over again and then mottled some thicker mix in places I considered metal was showing too much and such cheated heavier rust.

    I'd say the sponge decided the spots and then I made some corrections :)

    Cheers and thanks for comenting.

  3. Gran transformación...

    Decorados de esos tengo en mente, y algunas cosas mayores. A ver cuando los cuadro en mis ingentes proyectos.

  4. Amazing! Your flair for the unconventional really paid off this time. The final product is both technically excellent, and funny (especially if you know where it originated!).

    Victoria Lamb actually posted a pretty decent "bronze statue" method on CMON a while back, but it produces a much cleaner piece than yours does. I like both.

  5. I knew about the pig-asus bronze statue tutorial from victoria...

    Victoria Lamb, wow I never imagined myself and her being in the same sentence I guess that was a great compliment :)

  6. Well you know, if you do some work with source-lighting I can mention you in the same sentence again ;)