True Colors (repeat)

Pulsad sobre las diferentes fases de color rojo para ver mas imagenes de Marte. Bueno, no es marte, es (mas o menos) el paso a paso de una mini.

Llegados al rojo 2 el tono era PERFECTO con un degradado mas suave que el culo de un bebe y sin enrosecer ni anaranjar.

Pero Hellboy en los comics tiene un color mas apagado asi que hubo una enesima tanda de tintas. La proxima entrada sera un sorpreson de peso.


So, click on the extreme close-ups of Mars to see more... Well in fact it's a step by step on reds. The second red was the best red I've ever did and I'll ever do.

Flawless bending as smooth as babies' ass and there where no traces of losing base color ( it turning too orange or pink when highlighting ) It was done with red and yellow inks. In the end I hated to do so but kicked back a bit the reds by using a couple of red glazes, just to get the same color the comic has.

Still the pics sux and doesn't show well the reality. Hope you like 'em. Soon I'll post the meaner mini made to date, stay tuned.

3 comentarios:

  1. Red... a very difficult colour to do well! My red highlights always end up looking pinkish. Thanks for the technical perspective, I've actually never tried using inks this way before. (And Hellboy looks fantastic!)

    Re: your comment on my blog:
    The secret is that at 10 mm scale, blending is almost impossible except on large surfaces like Aragorn's cloak. So the hair and flesh highlights are almost "dabbed on", but the effect is surprisingly convincing, even in person. It's like impressionism or something ;)

  2. Mucho mejor estas fotos... y como dice el "hijo de Ali" el rojo es un color complicado...
    Yo me abria quedado en el segundo (a la mierda los comic) porque es mas... como decirlo... COLORFUL!!!!

    Sorpreson de peso... crei que no conocias a mi vecina...XD yo te adelanto que mi siguiente mini mide 5 centimetros de alto O_o

    Un saludete!

  3. Fantastic reds! I need to take note of of my most difficult colors