Farewell, Tim. (Adios)

Finito. Acrylicos Vallejo y 4 o 5 citadel color antiiiiguos. Tintas sigo usando las antiguas de citadel.

Le tengo bastante cariño a TIM el Templario, pero es un regalo, asi que... en fin. El metalico de la armadura iene matices en azul para darle un toque mas frio al acero y de paso medio simula el reflejo de la piel azul del dragon.

Desde la base a lo mas alto, 4,5 cm. el dragon unos 2 cm de pies a cabeza y Tim mide algo menos de 1 cm.



Not much to comment here. I hate to kiss him goodbye but Tim the Templar was born as a gift. I've used few old citadel color stuff, like blue ink wash and the rest were Vallejo model and game color.

I gave the armor a thinned blue wash so it look like reflecting the blue from the skin of the dragon plus the steel looks colder. Tim is less than 1 cm. high, the trago measures roughly 2 cm and the whole thing from the base to the top of the dragon is like 4,5cm.

More stuff coming hopefuly soon, cheers!

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  1. Que susto... por el título pensé que había muerto TIM... pero solo es que "se va" (aunque no muy lejos ;))
    Se agradece la foto XXLy me mola lo muy currado que está para ser algo tan pequeño...

    Un saludete!!!

  2. Please tell me where I can find the Tim the Templar mini, its absolutually adorable!

  3. Thanks for the coment and compliment! :)

    Actually he's one of a kind. It was hand sculpted by me as a Saint George's Day present (along with a blue rose, hence the blue dragon). As far as the mythology went, Saint George killed a dragon and a rose grew from it's blood.

    It was crafted with a lot of love and made this cute on purpose (and is signed along with a poem on the bottom of the base). I plan to do different vignettes of him in humoristic situations against different colored dragons.

    If I ever cast TIM pieces rest sure I'll let you know. Thanks for your kind comment!

  4. Que pasa tio! te deje un coment, hace unos dias pero veo que no entró. Superchula la mini tio, me encanta.


  5. oh please tell me if you cast him. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for history and knights in particular (did my humanities thesis on how knights are portrayed in movies vs. real history) and he's just cute as a button.

    Thank you for all your comments, and I've always, always wanted to visit Egypt, actually Greece, Italy, and everywhere in between.

    Is Munchkin all its cracked up to be? because I'm a Magic: tG wench and it'd have to be fantastic for me to play anything else!

    feel free to be as noisy and talkative as you'd like, I'm the same way!

  6. ha ha, you probably wont like 3 if you didn't like 2.

    and as for loose ends...there are still some but not nearly as many as 2