My two cents about understanding my style

Well, this article was boosted by No Such Agency 's comments, a great painter and even better CMoN'er, but its dedicated to anyone who won't have a clue about what I'm doing with those putties nor what I'm aiming for.

First of all, I  gave "regular scale" a try; made few jawdropping (IMHO) conversions (back in the days of necromunda, when NMM, source lighting and all that stuff weren't on everyone's to do liste, so you had to rely on great conversions and clean painting style)

I realized sculpting is a lifetime hobby; you have to spend a lot of time on each piece to make it look decente insten of soomething to be ashamed about and hobby itself became boring to me (late 90s). Then it came Fanhunter Batallitas a space hulk ripp-off that surprisingly had a set of rules even funnier to read than to play. I have to give credit here to Chema Pamundi who injected the game with tons of humor and references to comics, movies, games (wich also the fanzine by the same name did but not as succesful if you ask me) and our own particular culture. Let's say it's some kind o hillbilly jokes ala Spanish.

Sergi Vidal Sanchez, a really talented guy (please don't get those james wrong, he's not mexican neither I am) created a line of miniatures that were not only true to the source material (half assed penciled fanzines) but even better since the original artist never managed to draw 'em from every angle so figuring out them in 3D and then make the minis look cute and fun was...well, a miracle.

I have a twisted sense of humor and like doing things my way even if noone cares so no matter I quit painting, gaming and the game wasn't supported ever again, now and then I kept sculpting stuff that I feel was funny to see and a great concept to sculpt. Matter or fact, I'm also a insane collector of japanese SD (super deformed) style stuff; you know, big heads, little bodies,etc... aka chibi, kawaii or also refered as "child body (CB)" parodies of any kind of character looking either fun or cute.

Consider also checking those pics of Makinavaja, HPM, Mortadelo, Superlopez, Pafman... Comic characters that made me laugh back when I was a kid, a teenager and... wel probably I'll buy one of those someday ;) After all, we all have our cultural roots buried deep in out hearts.

Big noses, big guns and peanut-like brains are common in some Spanish comic strips like the ones in the links I hope you guys just clicked.

Upcomming attractions; cthulhu idol, this time on regular proportions but in 6 mm tall !! Dare also to face my step by step with technicolor pics tutorial on how I sculpted The moonwalking smooth criminal and maybe me stripped (made by national geografphic, they mistook me for a sealion when I spent my day on the beach) pics too.

Have fun!

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  1. Oh... un post currado no como yo y el Victor.... jejeje...

    Claro es q los ingleses no tienen ni guarra de lo q es Fanhunter!!!

    Sigo espectante al "cthulhu idol" y al tutorial tecnicolor a ver si me animo con la masilla verde...

    un saludete!

  2. Ehem...

    que estoy aqui...

    Eh impresionant! todo ininglish, cosa que me crea dificultades y la necesidad de un diccionario, pero no veas que cacho de post.

    No como los mios...