Beware... Contrarium

Had this dude lying arround for years, so Dec 18 decided painting him.

Many might have noticed I keep calling blue horrors pink and viceversa all arround the blog. I just can't recall neither how or why It started. It's chaos!

Cya in the next episode.

Tengo a este tio dando vueltas por casa desde años, ver entradas previas de horrores, así que en diciembre decidí pintarlo.

Os habréis dado cuenta de que a lo largo del blog llamo a los horrores rosas azules y viceversa. No es daltonismo... De hecho no recuerdo cómo empezó la cola siquiera. Caosss!!

Nos vemos en el próximo episodio.

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Hey. Believe It or not, I was about to dedicate the entry to guess wich blog. Give 'em Lead nonetheless...

      As I'm trying to keep this a minimum effort process (pics/cropping and posting thru cellphone) forgot to mention.

      Still, got something that started like oldhammer realm of chaos mock Up but ended like Cthulhuidean nonense. Hope to take pics soon.

      Glad u liked it. Thanks for swingin' by!

  2. This is definitely "retro"; I don't just mean the fact that it's not a new sculpt! I always found these guys extra creepy for some reason, I think it's the overly-long segmented arms and those... grasping, probing, hollow fingers. *Shudder* I've never seen one with a beak, though, so that's a new look. Nicely done!

    Again, welcome back!

    1. Even I feel those early Tzeench horrors mock ups have something disturbing to them.

      Loved the moon faced, Ork heads with limbs glued (taste the oldhammer flavour,baby!) but in the end, they were on the funny side sculpt-wise.

      I miss having a 4th blue horror. May I someday run a silly RPG and put all those modeling to good use.

      And may not. RPG players are a bunch of bast**** so willing to deviate from beautifully crafted plots. Them run n' gunners!!

  3. BTW I posted about your return on Painting Agency, I hope you don't mind... maybe you'll get a few new visitors :)

    1. O_o why would I do? I certainly don't promote my stuff at forums and so, hell I don't even tell friends nor family about it but that's the path I've chosen in the social networking era. That doesn't mean others have to walk that way.

      IMHO once you release something to the world, be it a painting, a song, etc is as much yours as it belongs to people as it blends thru their minds.

      You call it, who's gonna stop me from painting a Mona Lisa my own way?

      Thanks for the heads up. Painfully nice, as always :)

    2. I think you DEFINITELY need to do a Mona Lisa in your style. It'd be great!

  4. One new visitor here :).
    Lovely work you put here on your blog.

    As for the pink and blue horrors story, I'm quite sure even GW got these two mixed up and confused about them at some point. What's important is that they look fantastic.

    1. Sir, I feel like batman caught with his bat tights down at his bat toilet.

      Dunno what's most annoying, to be caught like that or to feel like the mastermind busted for once!

      In short, this was unexpected like monthly python's Spanish inquisition!

      Thanks for your witty comment, be welcome and now, for something completely different:

      A larch. Oh, I meant, an exclusive on your behalf:

      Newt post might be a 2 product mini review combo (primer + varnish) firemen related OR something to do with tanks in a silly way, of course.

      May do on request if I even find your answer around :)

      Cheers pal.

  5. Un rosa muy elegante. Muy chulo.
    Tengo unos cuantos narizones por terminar que van un poco lentos, voy a tener que poner un WIP para saciarme.