Blast from the Past

Time ago (2006) I sculpted a werewolf for halloween... somehow i started painting it and, well...abandoned the project. Lazyness as always but also a halo of dullness detracted the fig from being finished. I remember I had in mind Rackham's wolflike miniatures when I made this.
But yesterday the (modelling) beast wake up. Recently I broke one of model's ears so it was agreat excuse to redo it; added more volume to eyebrows, beefed up hair, added fur to each side of the nose, smoothed out areas between feet and nails, added fangs and slightly bigger fingers. Everything greenstuff this time. Soon to be re-painted. Hope you like it better now.

Hace tiempo (2006) esculpí un hombre lobo para halloween... lo dejé a medio pintar y no colgué fotos por, bueno... aburrimiento. Era soso. Recuerdo tener en mente a los lobos de Rackham en aquel momento.
Pero ayer la bestia (del modelismo) despertó. Hace un par de días rompí la oreja del lobete y fué la excusa perfecta para rehacerlo. Co masilla verde rehice el entrecejo, añadí mas pelo, dejé mas fina la zona entre las uñas y los dedos, manos mas grandes... Espero que os guste. En brevas pintado estará.

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  1. I don't remember the original but this looks great! He's rather relaxed... perhaps he just ate? Anyway I'd love to see it painted :)

    (I remember Rackham's "Wolfen", they were kind of neat, but after the 324,198,014th one was posted on Cool Mini or Not I was SO bloody sick of them. Still better than the anorexic "Fiannas" though)

    1. Good point. I dunno why, maybe all lycanthropes are morphed angry marines. Allways angry. All the time. As far as I see them, wolves are beautiful creatures. Also I bear in mind dog's mindset. Even the most ill tempered one acts like a puppy after a good meal.

      Same here, to be honest... Rackham was the flavor of the month back at its time. Overdone cork bases, NMM everywhere, and so many wolfen arround. Pretty much like grunge, or spawn in the 90s. Grew sick of them but still today I hold a bit of nostalgia (from time to time it grows on me) so that's why I rendered rackham a little homage.

      It's already painted, hope to take pics tomorrow. I wanted the classic dark grey but I went 180. Paintjob sure enhaces the relaxed look you noticed. Looks like a human sized pet now :)

      BTW I kindly appreciate your comment, Allison. I've updated the blog more times in three months than in the whole past year. It has boosted visits but surprisingly comments have decreased a lot and, while I do this for the record, it's nice to know people care. Comments also tend to contain interesting ideas and/or ways of improving.


    2. Eh... blog comments come and go. I try not to worry too much about it. I think perhaps there's a factor of "comment fatigue" too... Jay for instance produces tons of posts, but while I enjoy them, I often have a hard time thinking of something worthwhile and novel to say about each one.